Touro College - Growth and Expansion

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Touro's Law School opened in 1980, less than a decade after the college's inception.
Early Touro poster advertising a Master's Program in Jewish Studies.
Physicist Edward Teller (center) and Touro board member Sam Halpern with Dr. Lander.
President Ronald Reagan with (l-r) Provost Solomon Simonson, Dr. Lander, Law School Dean John S. Bainbridge and Student Bar Association president Bruce K. Gould.
Dr. Lander in Israel, 1986. Dean Stanley Boylan is seen behind him.
New Law School Dean Howard Glickstein is welcomed, 1986. Outgoing Dean John S. Bainbridge is at far right.
"The Record Speaks for Itself" was an appropriate slogan seen in many Touro ads in the 1980s.
Dr. Lander speaks at Yeshurun Synagogue in Jerusalem.
Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv Yisrael Meir Lau, with Ernest Michel (far left) and Dr. Lander.
Dr. Lander in his office, ca. 1980s.
Vice President Dan Quayle with Dr. Lander at an Orthodox Union event, 1990.
The Queens Jewish Center presents Dr. Lander with an award, 1990.
The Orthodox Union presents Dr. Lander with an award, 1990.
Touro's programs in Russia began almost immediately following the dissolution of the USSR.
Moscow's Red Square, 1990. Dean Stanley Boylan is at far left.
UN Ambassdor Thomas Pickering (standing) and Albert Reichmann with Dr. Lander in Russia, 1991.
Dr. Lander at an event in Russia.
With Dean Robert Goldschmidt (far right) and students, 1991.
Sarah and Bernard Lander with Deans Mira Felder and Jerome Miller, ca. 1992.
Touro College 20th Anniversary dinner.
U.S. Senator Al D'Amato at Touro's 1992 Commencement.
Dean Howard Glickstein with Dr. Lander at Touro Law Center's 1993 Commencement.
Midwood campus groundbreaking, ca. 1995.
Peter Max' design for cover of 1995 Law Center Bulletin.
Artist Peter Max with Dr. Lander.
The opening of Touro's Midwood Campus, 1996.
Rabbi Daniel Lander and Dean Robert Goldschmidt at the opening of Touro's Midwood Campus, 1996.
Deans Stanley Boylan and Robert Goldschmidt (at left) with Dr. Lander and Dr. Leon Reich at the opening of Touro's Midwood Campus, 1996.
Dr. Lander with Touro administrators and board members in 1996.
Dr. Lander in a meeting with Touro administrators in 1996.
Dr. Lander in a meeting with Touro administrators in 1996.
Touro University in Vallejo, CA was established in 1997.
The Orthodox Union presents an award to Dr. Lander, 1999.
Touro Chair of Trustees Mark Hasten with Dr. Lander.
President Bill Clinton with Dr. Lander.
U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer attends a Touro commencement.
NY Governor George Pataki (second from right) with Dr. Lander.
Dr. Lander at a Touro commencement.
WJC Secretary General Dr. Israel Singer (at right) at a Touro commencement with Dr. Lander and Mark Hasten.
Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky and Dr. Lander.
U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman with Dr. Lander.