Strategic Plan, Mission, Vision, & Objectives, 2021-2026


The Touro College Libraries aspire to partner in teaching, learning, research, publishing, and other intellectual pursuits across the College through exceptional information resources and services.



The Touro College Libraries promote a collegial and academic atmosphere, helping advance the College's mission to further personal growth and intellectual inquiry. Supporting research and academic goals, the Libraries partner with faculty and administrative staff in support of the College’s efforts to become a center of religious and secular scholarship. The Libraries acquire, organize, preserve, and provide access to information resources in a broad range of formats, which enrich the intellectual pursuits and original scholarship of the Touro College community. Our expert and responsive staff provide group and individual instruction and guidance to the Touro College community to foster information literacy and encourage students to become lifelong learners.



Provide content, services, and tools

Respond to the Touro College community’s growing pedagogical and research needs by providing exceptional information resources and services.


  • Improve web discovery services for the Libraries' collections.
  • Increase the Libraries' capacity to acquire, manage and create digital scholarly content.
  • Maintain and preserve current, relevant physical collections.
  • Ensure maximal availability and responsiveness of the Libraries’ web services.
  • Proactively deliver and expand information literacy classes, webinars and tutorials to align with the ACRL (Association of College and Research Libraries) Framework for Information Literacy and Touro College General Education Goals.
  • Foster the development and use of Open Educational Resources (OER) and other textbook affordability efforts.
  • Establish an information literacy credit course for users at early stages of their college career.
  • Create finding aids for archival materials and preserve ongoing media presence of Touro College.



Enhance the user experience

Assess the evolving needs of remote and in-person users to shape our spaces, collections and services.


  • Expand and improve assessment of the user experience.
  • Optimize the usability and accessibility of the Libraries’ website.
  • Regularly assess equipment and space usage at all locations.
  • Grow engagement with potential and current users through social media, and other communication channels.
  • Implement and expand innovative support for distance learning students and hybrid course delivery.



Strengthen the Libraries as an organization

Conduct continuous evaluation, development and outreach to strengthen the Libraries and our relationships and partnerships with the College community.


  • Encourage all students, faculty and staff to use the Libraries to the fullest possible extent through increased promotion and outreach.
  • Analyze usage statistics and customer satisfaction survey results to assess whether and how the Libraries’ services meet the needs of users.
  • Invest in staff development, recognition and mentoring to maximize staff engagement, contribution and skills.
  • Promote and enhance the well-being of community members to develop a sense of belonging among all staff, faculty and students.
  • Maintain inclusive, safe, and welcoming spaces by providing resources, services and programs that promote and reflect diversity, inclusion, fairness, and wellness.



Support College priorities

Contribute as a central partner to Touro College's commitment to innovative teaching, research, scholarship and transmission of knowledge.


  • Maintain collections that support faculty scholarship and foster a research climate within the College.
  • Continue to build and promote our institutional repository, Touro Scholar, while encouraging and supporting the open sharing of knowledge.
  • Collaborate with academic units, administrative offices, and other College stakeholders.
  • Expand the integration of the library presence in the College learning management system.
  • Prepare students for current and future study in STEM fields and health sciences through teaching, supporting research and providing valuable databases and online resources.