Rabbi Dr. Bernard Lander (1915-2010)

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Bernard Lander at approximately age 10.
Bar Mitzvah, 1928.
1933 Graduation from the Talmudic Academy, later known as Yeshiva University High School for Boys.
1943; Rabbi Lander (seated at center) with some of his students at Cong. Beth Jacob in Baltimore.
Speaking, ca. 1940s.
Dr. Lander, ca. 1950s.
Dr. Lander's book on juvenile delinquency in Baltimore, published in 1954.
Dr. Lander, ca. 1950s.
Card for a speaking engagement while a professor at Hunter College.
Dr. Lander ca. 1960.
Dr. Lander in 1962.
Speaking, ca. 1960s.
Attending the wedding of Rabbi Daniel Kirschblum in 1960 are (l. to r.): Rabbis Mordechai Kirschblum, Naftali Carlebach, Aron Burack, Bernard Lander, Joseph Soloveitchik, Harav Chaim Heller and Y.L. Kagan.
Speaking at an OU event in Washington, D.C.
Speaking, ca. 1960s.
Speaking at a commencement, ca. 1960s.
With Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, ca. 1960s.
Juvenile Delinquency Committee under President Johnson; Dr. Lander is third from left.
The Bobover Rebbe, Rabbi Shlomo Halberstam (far right) at a Bobover Yeshiva dinner honoring Dr. Lander, 1967.
With the Chief Rabbi of Moscow, Yehuda Leib Levin (seated at center), in 1968.
In Israel with his father David, ca. 1968.
With Israeli President Zalman Shazar (far left) in Israel, ca. 1968.
Dr. Lander attends a wedding, ca. 1960s.
Dr. Lander around the time he founded Touro College.
With parents David and Goldie, ca. 1979.
With wife Sarah, ca. 1960s.
With wife Sarah at Touro's 20th Anniversary dinner, 1992.
Studying the Talmud, ca. 1980s.
Portrait, ca. 1980s.
Portrait, ca. 1990s.
Dr. Lander with his wife Sarah, their four children and grandchildren at a family wedding.
With the Bobover Rebbe, Rabbi Shlomo Halberstam, in 1993.
A set of portraits by Peter Max.
Portrait in front of Touro's Ave. J campus by Russian painter Rina Lyampe.
Opening for Midwood Campus, 1996.
Portrait, 1996.
With his brother Nathan, 1996.
Dr. Lander at an undated event, ca. 2000.
Dancing at a wedding, with Touro board member Dr. Larry Platt, ca. 2000.
Speaking at a celebration for his 90th birthday, 2005.
Celebrating his 90th birthday, with Touro Chair of Trustees Mark Hasten, 2005.
Symposium at the Lander College for Men, 2006.