Guidelines for Donations

Thank you for considering us as a potential recipient of your materials. Our collections are developed through judicious purchase as detailed in our Collection Development Policy, and the grateful acceptance of useful gifts. Contributions of money and materials enhance library collection development and support the college's academic programs. Modest gifts are appreciated, as are endowments and substantial donations.

We welcome items in good condition, including classic and standard works, and rare and specialized materials. The following donor guidelines are in accord with the college's academic mission and reflect our personnel, space, and resource constraints. Materials are accepted with the understanding that upon receipt they are owned by the college and part of the libraries. We reserve the right to determine retention, location, cataloging, and other considerations related to use or disposition. We provide bookplates for substantial collections to honor donors or those they memorialize. Requests for plaques, special shelving, display cases, or separate rooms cannot be honored. Circulation restrictions can be observed when the materials warrant them. Materials cannot be accepted if they are: unrelated to the college's mission and programs; technical or textbooks and over five years old; laboratory manuals; miscellaneous copies or scattered periodical backfiles; U.S. paperbacks; in yellowed or brittle condition; marked in any way; or in need of extensive rebinding, wrapping, or other preservation before they can be used.

College personnel cannot supply boxes, pack materials, or provide itemized lists. The director of library services will provide a letter of acknowledgment specifying the number of items donated. Like other academic libraries, we do not furnish appraisals or estimates of value. The Internal Revenue Service considers the library an interested party to such appraisals. For details, please consult IRS Publication 561, Determining the Value of Donated Property. If you believe your collection to be of substantial value, you should obtain an independent appraisal prior to donation. You can Find an Appraisal Expert via the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) (555 Herndon Parkway, Suite 125, Herndon, VA 20170; voice: 703.478.2228; fax: 703.742.8471). Our Associate Director of Libraries (212.463.0400 ext. 55470) will be happy to discuss the details of your proposed donation with you.